It;s Open Season on general managers, McBee Company, October 1949 (Sam Cobean)

Serving Airports to Zoos, Babcock and Wilcox October 1949

More Fact than Fantasy, Jenkins Valves October 1949

This Miniature America, JWT Consumer Panel, October 1949

Space Saver, American Standard heating and plumbing, October 1949

The Travellers' Employee Insurance, October 1949

Around about Autumn, Buick Roadmaster October 1949

If your problem is deflation, you might try more air, TWA Aviation, October 1949

His Mechanics know their Three R's, General Motors, October 1941

Man ! We could save thousands with Divcos, Divco Twin, October 1941

Exalted we stand... befopre the bequest of our Fatherts, Sirrine and Company, October 1941

Tomorrow (after the war) Sebastian Lathe Company, October 1941

Teachers; Blended Scotch Whisky, October 1941 It's the Flavor

Just in case, American Credit Indemnity Company, October 1941, Insurance

Just between us and the lamp post, October 1941 Durez Plastics and Chemicals

Forest Giants can be Defence Giants, October 1941 American Forest products

It is a convenience to our prospects and a valuable help to our dealers, say Manufacturers October 1941, Classified from Bell Telephone

Premium Quality without Premium Price, White Horse Whiskey, October 1941

Plaskon Resin Glue is used in Avro noses too, PLASKON October 1941

and the substitute batted .390, Ferro Enamel October 1941

The Missing Man, Scottissue, October 1941

Great moments call for Haig and Haig, October 1941 The Boss comes to Dinner

Today Modern Industry finds room for profitable expansion, Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, October 1941

Guide-Book for Fathers, The Guardian Life Insurance Company, October 1941

making Swiss Cheese out of Armor Plate, Marmon herrington October 1941

Defence, a challenge to Brass, Brideport Brass, October 1941

Spirit springs from many sources, Gilbert Papers October 1941

and their sisters and their cousins and their aunts, J.Walter Thompson October 1941 Flying Men of War

Status Symbols, Information at work, June 1987 UK Harwell Computer Power

J & B Scotch the 24 Carat Scotch June 1987 UK

Time is Money, Trust is Gold, CARIPLO June 1987 UK

Help build a stronger America, Auto-Lite Spark Plugs and Batteries, October 1941, artist Jex

Of course the pause that refreshes is there, COCA COLA, October 1941

Letters on Crane Papers reflect the pride you take, October 1941

The Panama Canal , gateway of the Western Hemisphere, Robert and Company October 1941

Is your floor as comfortable as an old show? Kreolite Wooden Block Floor, October 1941

Like Money in the Bank for Industry, The Texas Company October 1941

A plush robe in every buggy, L.C. Chase and Company October 1941

Unforeseen events need not change and shape the course of man's affairs, October 1941 Maryland Casualty

Nobody knows too much about about your business, Architectural Forum October 1941

from Nebuchadnezzar to National Defence, October 1941