Draughtless Motor Cars, December 1933 UK Vauxhall cars

Bird's make Christmas Merry, December 1933, UK

You should taste it, Libby's Pineapple 1931, UK

Drink better chocolate with Cadbury's November 1931, F.C.Harrison UK

Bird's Custard goes well with apples, November 1931 UK

Bob Martin's Conditioning Powders for your dog's winter Coat October 1930

Brown & Paulson's Corn Flower for blancmanges August 1930 UK

BP Rhymes of the Road, BP Plus petrol November 1931 UK

The London Fragrance, Yardley Lavender Soap, October 1931

The new Britannica at a 30% saving, October 1931

Miss Elsie Randolph adores the new open-shank shoes, Dolcis Shoes UK October 1931

Valve lifters working at Speed. Quaker State Motor Oil May 1953

Old Gold's living Package crowned May 1953

Men on the Move, Camels, January 1966

After a night Game, Lew Burdett Smokes Camel cigarettes May 1958

The Marlboro Man, 1957 (Wrestling)

try Marlboro filters, February 1950

The better the makin's... Marlboro September 1959

You-re smoking better when it's Marlboro, August 1959

Marlboro. the better the makin's, the better the smoke, November 1959

Victor Adding Machine is dependable,

It takes an extra step to make the best tobacco taste even better, Philip Morris COMMANDER, March 1962

Gurad against Throat Scratch, Pall Mall Cigarettes August 1952

When it's a question of colour, San-Toy, and LUVISCA from Courtauld's August 1931, UK

San-Toy printed Fabrics and Delysia from Courtald's August 1930 UK

The Quality of Morris is the reason for its Fame, August 1931 UK

BP Plus petrol, BP Rhymes of the Road 1931 UK

BIRDS Custard, best with Fruit, UK 1930

BIRDS is best - and best with fruit, August 1930 UK

The Cult of Beautiful Homes, May1930 UK

How lovely ! I must have one myself, Cougette by Courtaulds, August 1930 UK

How about tomorrow morning? Kellogg's Corn Flakes, 1930 May UK