Yes! from an automobile manufacturer, FIAT January 1967

This is a special machine to nurse an airfreight problem, Lufthansa, January 1967

AGFA the great name in photography, January 1967

Zenith Trans-Oceanic portable radio, for the world's listening posts, January 1967

When BEA created Sovereign Service...they had you in mind as Sovereign, January 1967

You were born in Greece, Greek National Tourist Office, January 1967

far too good to be called just First, January 1967

KLM airline, you're in for a king size surprise, January 1967

Baygon from Bayer, a new insecticide, January 1967

what does National mean by a new radio? January 1967 Matsushita Electric

No other beauty soap quite so gentle, says Anne Baxter, February 1959

When you care enough to send the very best, Hallmark CardsFebruary 1959

Del Monte catsup is a two way treat, February 1959

wonder how they make it so Good! KARO Waffle Syrup February 1959

Better figure on Borden's skim. February 1959

It's what up front that counts! Winston cigarettes February 1959

Now real old fashioned cheddar also in handy new stick form, February 1959 Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese

Snow Fresh Filter Kool, February 1959, menthol cigarettes

The best years are ahead, the Insured Savings and Loan way, February 1959

ESSO research works wonders with oil, Oil helps preserve today for tomorrow February 1959

POWERHOUSE of Vitimin C, Orange Juice from Florida, February 1959

OASIS takes you away from the everyday, February 1959 menthol cigarettes

Men of America, Snow Squad for Chesterfields

The wold's most beautifully proportioned car, 59 Fords are built for people, February 1959

New with ACTAMER, Barbasol Presto Lather February 1959

Happiness is being elected Team Captain, November 1965, Bulova Watches

No It will not replace the BUg, November 1965

You'll flip at the zzzio in RC Cola, November 1965

Don't let the expensive look frighten you. Come closer. It's Chevy II, November 1965

Chesterfield People, November 1965

Licence to Kill? Kemper Insurance November 1965

Sylvania Flash Bulbs 4 photos without changing November 1965

Ready to try a great fresh taste? Newport tastes fresher, November 1965

Take any favourite snapshot. It makes a most appealing Christmas Card, Kodak November 1965

A Lovable 3 ft walking doll... irresistable at 7.97. November 1965 from Grant's stores

Plymouth Satellite, Let yourself go, November 1965

Do it with Del Monte and you do yhour very best, November 1965

The Wizard of Aahs, Ford 1966 Fairlane convertible, November 1965

Drives straight, True Temper Tools, November 1965, the Rocket Hammer

Looking ahead? So are we, Investor owned electric light and power, November 1965

Magnavox is the finest by any comparison, 'tubeless' TV sets November 1965

Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch, November 1965

Hot Line to Santa Claus, Sears Robuck November 1965

So you told your mother in law... Philco TV November 1965

Is your boy's future worth 15 minutes of your time each day? International Paper, November 1965

With MORTON you've got it made,

A dream of love, a sparkling world, November 1965 A Diamond is Forever