51, the world's most wanted pen, says Lin Yutang, Chinese philosopher January 1947

51, the world's most wanted pen, Parker Pens, February 1947

Not measured in price alone, Good Year Double Eagle Tires

These famous P51s have more than a name in common, Parker Pen June 1943

Make it Ethyl, we don't want to miss the kick off, October 1937

Field Ration K, may be on your menu some day, Process Products, April 1943

National Cash Register Co., saves Pittsburgh Glass 2000,000 a year, NCR 1950

Next time stop at the Ethyul Pump, 1933

Please don't keep this confidential. Ethyl anti-kock fluid, July 1942

KOOLS never miss, KOOL Cigarettes, December 1936 (William Tell and the Penguin)

MNow she'll srat quicker 'nyou can say ETHYL, November 1937

the inside story, the Lear Jet, March 1966

Step on it Doc!, Ethyl April 1933

Take a Tip from us, Ethyl, June 1933

PONTIAC, junior associate of the finest cars, September 1931

Sterling Engine Company, August 1933, Earned Comfort Compensates for Effort

The password is KOOL, Kool cigarettes in London, February 1936

The Sailfish, as powerful as Ethyl Gasoline, June 1931

QUIET is requested for the benefit of those that have retired, Body by Fisher, December 1937

Power Puzzle, Ethyl Research, December 1941

The Men who race with Death, Ethyl, June 1941

Always Uniform, always the finest, Heinz Tomato Juice, March 1933

Portrait of Carlyle by J.M.Whistler, September 1932

Gee Pop, they're all passing us, Ethyl February 1933

For Wide Open Spaces of crowded traffic places, Ethyl, June 1935

Matson Line, Hawaii, the dining saloon, November 1933

The newest thing on wheels, Lincoln Zephyr, April 1937

Knock wastes Gas, Ethyl stops Knock, October 1936

Daylight - Time to Dream, Hercules Powder September 1930

Spring Cleaning is an AJAX job, April 1964

Western Electric builds your phone to take it, April 1964

Your baker knows, Real Butter makes the Flavor Difference, American Dairy Association, April 1964

Having trouble with weight control? Kellogg's Special K, April 1964

Wherever you move in the United States, Sears Service follows you, April 1964

Kraft's Cracker Barrel Cheese, the Big Cheese for Sandwiches. April 1964

at day's end, the true old style Kentucky Bourbon, Early Times April 1964

Daddy thinks I'm asleep... FORD Falcon Squire, April 1964

Over, Under Around and through, Pall Mall. travels pleasure to you, April 1964

How Campbell's rescued a vanishing flavour, April 1964, Green Pea Soup