Little Lulu, Only Kleenex is just like Kleenex, May 1950, artist Marjorie Buell

Sun-Maid Raisins (detail a single box goes a long long way, November 1947 (detail of page(

Mountains on the Move, Brown Company, December 1956, pulpwood, Paul Rabut artist

New Type sound-conditioned concrete for the Interstate System, November 1957, Portland Cement Association

Better take the Cadillac, Mother wants to go, Cadillac Fleetwood 1938

The rocking chair fleet sails on the alkiline side, White Rock, 1938

UTAH is radio's Unsilent Partner, September 1944 Vernon Grant

Misalignment, Camloc Hi Sp[eed Fasteners July 1944

Gang plow... Gang Buster, Shell Industrial Lubricants, June 1944 (John Deere tractors)

The Michelin Tire Company, outstanding quality for the small car, April 1920

problem, solution, result, Hercules Powder Comany, November 1947 to make a better Fuller Brush

Michelin Ring Shapes Tubes, March 1920 (Bibendum)

Our Pioneering Days are npot over, International Trucks, December 1944, artist R.Skemp(?)

The Incredible Answer Blanket, by Martex, January 1980, "after ten years of washing..."

When you live in the fast lane, it's nice to be quiet about it, ACURA (Amercian Honda) January 1987

Old Grand-Dad. When you ask a lot more from life, September 1976 (The Chemosphere House LA , see Body Double)

Many Hi-Fi buffs think Quartz is the last word in turntables. Technics know this is just the beginning February 1979

1926, A Fragrance Captures the World like Le Jazz Hot, Shalimar by Guerlain, May 1976

The way people feel about American Airliines depends on the way they feel about me" Victoria Getz, April 1976

Baker Furniture, Upholstered Collection April 1982

Elizabeth Ashley talks about her 'first time' Campari April 1962

Crane Stationery is special enough to declare a holiday, April 1980

nine out of ten Americans prefer Campari, April 1980

Duraglas, a new friend to Beverage Bottlers.. and You, Owens Illinois December 1940

These men each had a different problem in plastics, General American Transportation Plastics Divisionc1949

40 years ago, Timken Bearings October 1938, "Two hours top come nine miles!' by horse drawn carriage

For THE BOSS only, Northwestern Mutual April 1944

Where does photography fit in your business? Photographic Age Magazine, 1946

Because Photography is accurate to the last detail, Kodak,, 1946

Wellington Sears fabrics back up the versatility of these coated materials, Glen Hughes c1959

Here's the way to protect those expensive front-ends, General Tires, 1939

Things haven't changed so much,, Bridgeport Brass, April 1940