Old Hethers points at Robinson's Lemon Barley Water 1950

Designed for greater earning power, Austin Company for Atwood, 1938

Never Again, bad breath spoils a date January 1949

Now ! The tested treatment that helps thousands.. Listerine November 1949

I like Smooth Men, Mennen Brushless Shaving Cream, May 1947

Cobbs Year Round Tropiclub, Here's something really different says Mr.Ponce, November 1947

Max Factor Pacific Sunset Tones 1964 Fashion's farewell to the pale look

BISTO, first prize £250, 1951

Oh What a Beautiful Morning! Schenley's Royal Reserve Whiskey, February 1944

Talk about your aristocracy! Heinz Tomato Juice, 1935

All play is thirsty work sir, says Old Hethers, Robinson's Bartey Water July 1952

As modern as transoceanic clippers, as advanced as television...The Autin Company factory for Harfordspn 1939

SKY TRAFFIC COP with 80 mile eyes, IT&T October 1946

Basng went Betty's Chances, Listerine Antiseptic, June 1947

You can't laugh off infectious dandruff, Listerine, August 1949

Pinaud's Set-Up, revolutionizes electric shaving, 1938

Whiteness alone isn't enough, Gibbs SR Toothpaste October 1951 UK

FORTUNE Magazine, tell your sevcretary to call off the search December 1954

America's new landline to Africa, Pan-American Airways System, Dohanos, 1941

Feel Refreshed, chew Wrigley's, January 1955 UK

BISTO, going to the 'meat' c1938 UK

Enjoy the taste that's as mellow as a Summer ~Morning, Schenley's Whiskey May 1946

No Wondert I'm Blushing, Heinz Tomato Juice, 1935

Rondeaux, a plant for foprward looking management by The Austin Company, c1938

How to make a Junior Executive Happy, Remington rand Modular Furniture, December 1956

The pleasure is all His, Gem Micromatic Razor and Blades, April 1938

Tingling Fresh and you're toughening your gums too, Gibbs SR April 1955

These shows are good Box Office, Young and Rubicam Radio Shows, 1935

The Colgate House Party, Young and Rubicam, 1935

LOOK! The Young and Rubicam national Radio Shows 1936-7

Did you know that all these radio stars are in the same family, Young and Rubicam, 1935

Who's who in Young and Rubicam's radio shows, 1935

The Milwaukee Road Victory Clock, June 1943

Picture of a man starting his higher education, Military Recruitment, September 1947

Pan-American Pilot, portrait by Norman Rockwell (detail_ 1956

I'm sp proud of my boy, US Army recruitment, December 1948

THINKING CAP, Today's Army needs men of action, May 1950, US Recruitment

Now I lay me down to sleep, Shell Industrial Lubricants, 1943

Butlin's Holiday Camp for your holidays, February 1952 UK

Union Pacific Railroad, gateway to and from the blooming West, July 1966