Wyandotte Chemicals plays a part in Canada's Industrial Boom, February 1953

Thomas Jefferson on popular sovereignty, Container Corporation, February 1953, John Atherton

A welcome guest presents his card, Johnnie Walker, May 1945

Container Corporation, South Africa and American Goods, May 1945, David Hill artist

Increased Opportunties with Bakelite Plastics, 1940

Yes sir... one tatse tells you why folks are keen about it, Campbell's Tomato Juice 1942

Most men dislike seeing a woman shake out a powder puff. Nilde of Paris 1920 UK

She shall have music wherever she goes, Decca Portable Gramophone, 1920 UK

Give your Boy Meccano this Christmas, UK, December 1920

Clean Hands with a Sprinkle, Sprinko, 1920

I'm Speedy Phil, The Conway Stewart Pen, 1920 UK

Buttons smiles, Monkey Brand cleans that silver, 1920 UK

Don't slice it, Kenilworth Cigarettes, 1920 UK

The Big Things of the World, the Mind of Man, Grey's Cigarettes, 1920, Jospeh Simpson

More Gentle arts than one, Kensitas Cigarettes, 1920 UK, 1920

The Story behind your flight, United Air Lines, June 1940

Six Questions... one answer, Campbell's Tomato Soup, 1940

Control Centre for a key executive's postwar planning, Dictaphone 1945

Before you decide... Take the Airflyte Ride in the World's most modern car, March 1951

Only Steel can do so many jobs, January 1951, Steel Companies of America

Rain or shine, right on schedule, Chevrolet Trucks, Peter Helck, January 1951

east to see, General Motor Leads the Way, June 1955

Johnnie Walker Whisky, Peter Helck's Studio, June 1955

Makes Ice Cubes without trays, Servel Refrigerators, 1952

Busy Trade and Bustling Traffic, Chevrolet Trucks, Peter Helck 1952

North American Insurance Companies, January 1953, Charles Pettit Insurance Pioneer

Formula makes Car Polishing Easy, Du Pont Exclusive Formula, June 1950

Be Happy Go Lucky, Lucky Strike Cigarettes, 1954

Chevrolet Trucks, If it takes more power... September 1950, Peter Helck

For a Big Vacation anywhere in America, Greyhound Buses, 1954

When shipments are rush, Chevrolet Trucks, 1954

Hear Clearly with Comfort, April 1948 Otarian Hearing Aid

Parker Ink and Pen,.. dry writing with wet ink, September 1948

Robertson Q Floors, speed it up, change it around, both for earning power, March 1946

Picture of a man set up for every coming Electrical Development, H.H.Robertson, June 1944

Now you write Roof Specifications with both hands, Galbestos, Fenruary 1945

Totally new Wollensak Full Stereo Tape recorder, September 1963

Does Pinch require special ice? September 1963

The men you hire tomorrow are the kids you help today, United Fund, Community Chest, September 1963

How the Air Force/ASD sees Sundstrand, September 1963

Which is the $2800 Picasso? Which is the 5c Xerox copy? September 1963

What's California's greatest asset? Crocker Anglo Bank September 1963 (Rodin's The Thinker)

Chemistry has many faces, TORAY, Toyo RayonCompany, September 1963