Transporter Electric Trucks, April 1949

Men who look beyond tomorrow, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, April 1949

Right dress, Buick Roadmaster for '49, April 1949

Plastics for that vital spark, General Electric for Wico, April 1946

The Story of the Squeezed out Partner, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance, April 1946

Long Distance is catching up too, Bell telephones April 1946

Paints for Industry, American-Marietta, April 1946

For Your First Holiday 'Outside' April 1946 Nassau in the Bahamas

Dietzgen asks are these the most momentous characters ever written? April 1946

Done better with Recordak photographically, Alpril 1946

DoAll makes its Machine Tools more effective with Color Dynamics, April 1946

It's time to look at Depreciation, Kearney and Trecker Corporation, April 1946

No more changing! No More Storing, Rusco Combined Screen and Storm sash April 1946

Making Motors Hum your Tune, April 1946 Cutler Hammer Motor Control

westwards the course of empire took its way, National Blue Products, April 1946

Makes Modern Machines PURR, Truarc Retaining rings, April 1946

High Above all in Global Transportation, April 1946

Teamwork Does it... Joyce Machine Company April 1946

It took craftsmanship to build locomotives by hand, RB&W, August 1951

Some things won't stay hidden, Delco Radio, August 1951

New dynamic Fire Detection, Fernandel, Fen Wal Detect a Fire, August 1951

We put it through as witch;s brew, Georgia Plywood, August 1951

Practical Evidence of Fine Engineering, Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton, August 1951

Why should feat... while Millions Hunger?

The Vitamin that makes Iron Healthier, Mathieson Chemicals, January 1948

portrait of a profit, Davison January 1948 George Giusti

In the dark silence of the Night, Bell Telephone, January 1948

War Assets Administration, One Call may solve all, January 1948

American Originals, Seagram's Gin and the Pioneer Cabin, January 1948

Good Bearings set new standards in smoothness and precision January 1948

Lift it... Move it... Process it, Louden Materials Handling January 1948

Backyard Ocean, Goodrich Chemicals, January 1948

Because Photography can Condense, Eastman Kodak January 1948

How do you doodle? Comptometer, January 1948

Fun for the crowd but Hard Work for the Juke Box, January 1948

Should he write for both? Young & Rubicam January 1948

Powerhouse of Thought, Q Panels by Galbestos, H.H.Robertson January 1948

Lessons learned from the Flying Wing, January 1948 Foote brothers