Double the Protection when you need it most, Equitable Living Insurance, November 1965

Flashbulb Users, It's time to hop to the Blues! General Electric November 1965

Dutch treat, Holland Tile, by Kentile Floors, November 1965

AVON for Men, November 1965

I want to build a food business. Not a life insurance program, November 1965 Mutual of New York

50 Years of Bringing HOME Entertainment, Emerson's Electrical Products, November 1965

Now flameless electric heat brings new comfort to apartment living everywhere, November 1965

Has success spoiled the Grand Prix? Obviously not. November 1965 Wide Track Pontiac

Stake your claim to Barbecue Fame, Kraft Barbecue Sauce, June 1959

New Band Aid sheer strip, June 1959, faster healing

Wake up to TANG! instant breakfast drink June 1959

So Safe you can shave in the shower, June 1959 Schick Safety Razor

AUTO LITE Power Tip fires up your engine at all speeds, June 1959

BAYER brings fastest relief, June 1959

Thank Goodness I prefer Karo Syrup, June 1959

New Life to your complexion, safely gently, Palmolive June 1959

Not a Penny Lost, Federal Savings and Loan, June 1959

Gulf Cares, your friendly GULF station, June 1959

Keep it up, keep it down, Keep it crew cut!, Max Factor June 1959

Good Taste picks the Golden Six, Miller High Life, June 1959

Foremost Buttermilk, look how many ways it keeps you cool, June 1959