Wills' Cut Golden Bar, Pipe stars in Comeback, February 1951 UK

HORLICKS, Chorus Line, Football Coach February 1951 UK

All this and a 7 too, Abdulla cigarettes January 1951 UK

that's a nice shirt, a castaway with an Old England shirt, January 1951

That's a nice shirt, Hogg and Mitchell, Old England Fashions, October 1950 UK

Pleasure Island, Austin Cars, October 1950 you can depend on it UK

She loved him to his face BUT... Pears Nutriline Hair Tomic, October 1950 UK

If your hair is on the DRY side... Silvikrin Hair Tonic Lotion, UK Aigust 1950

questions and then Rose's Lime Juice, August 1950 UK

Hallo! Shavallo Shaving Cream August 1950 UK

Wall Refrigeratopr Freezer puts all foods at eye level, General Electric August 1956

Co-op Customers, ther Policeman October 1949, artist Ryan

Co-op Customers, Ther School Mistress, August 1949

Twice is irresistable, TOSCA Eau de Cologne August 1949 UK

What's all this about Nylon-Tricot, August 1949 UK

I want some of that Y Front underwear, August 1949 UK

30 years experience BOAC, UK aviation artist Henrion 1949

Call me a Cab, Schweppervescence, September 1949 UK artist Douglas

I can always stop, she said, then CRASH, FERODO brake linings September 1949 UK