Marine Midland Bank, October 1963, The printer felt squeezed

Sheet Glass, what is it? American Saint Gobain, October 1963

TRW contributions to Man's Flight, October 1963

A little copper goes a long way, Anaconda Company October 1963

Don't tell me how sophisticated it is... TRW Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, October 1963

The Executive Life in Puerto Rico, October 1963, a day on the Spanish Main

Floating on air, cushioned in foam, Union Carbide. October 1963

The Battleground, Young and Rubicam Plans Board, October 1963

International Nickel Company made this building in nickel stainless steel, October 1963

Johns Manville page 2, the Reception Desk, October 1963

Install this new kind of ceiling in a car? Rambler;s doing it, October 1963 Johns Manville products

Your Income Tax Guide, Connecticut Mutual, October 1963

Here today, gone tomorrow, Muzak in the workplace, October 1963

West Virginia Pulp and Paper October 1963 new products and services

Eastmans for plasticfilm and sheet, October 1963

Ryder take over all your transportation knotty problems, October 1963

Considering expanding, Chas T Main October 1963

Consider Paper, Champion Paper October 1963 electrify, personify, identify

These Men have reached the top, New York Life Insurance, October 1963

F&M Systems Co.,turnkey responsibility October 1963

Off the Beaten Path, Allis Chalmers October 1963

shipped by air freight, Douglas Aircraft, March 1950

Celanese Corporation, Ship to Paint Industry March 1950

I didn't know that display was loaded, Forbes Lithography, March 1950

Container Corporation of America, Hawaii by artist Geraldine P.Clark

Pour it one! Water aplenty for your new plant, New York central Railroad, March 1950

Beware the Ides of March, Comptometer March 1950

The Beautiful 1950 Chrysler Crown Imperial, March 1950, today's new style classic

High Fashion Idea! Goodrich Plastic Resin into cast fabric , March 1950

Big Tough Handsome General American GATX March 1950 plastics division

Crane's Fine Papers, on making a good start in a new venture, March 1950

How mny new ideas are in this light-Weight material for you? Synthane March 1950

The new injector blades from Schick, May 1951

the tape's the thing, Remington rand printing calculator, 1955

Quicker Neater way to Clean, Du Pont Sponge September 1954

Discover how California wines help you to love better, 1954

Argus slide projectors, shows, changes, stores your slides, October 1954

Have you had your soup today? Campbell's 1957

It's a wonderful world to live in! The Prudential Insurance Company, 1948

Big Times for Small Fry, Vinylite Plastics June 1953

Nth Motor Oil, 1948 St Patrick's day Now make a date to Oil Plate

Early Christmas Quiz for Husbands who are in love with the girl they married, November 1949,

Brucie's always tired, PARD Dog Food January 1948

Save space with GE's gas furnace, I made room for my dark room, September 1950

Tourists rely on Champion spark plugs, January 1949

for only a few cents a day, Gas Heating May 1949

memory is a Priceless Possession, Monument Institute of America, February 1954

Vitalis, the 60 second workout, Summer Sun, Summer Fun July 1949

You write better with tjis new Eversharp because... September 1951

Keep your memories fresh in snapshots, September 1949