The strike map shows, Oklahoma workers stay on the job, December 1946

How Wooden pipes saved a city, Bundy Tubing, December 1946

The best location in the nation, Cleveland, December 1946

When the spotlight's on better performance, Truarc Retaining Rings, December 1946

Rags or Riches for America? Kearney and Trecker, December 1946, the next ten years will tell

Availability of labour is only part of the story in New York Sate, December 1946

Solving Traffic Congestion, Bohn December 1946

As the top of the Nation grows, so grows TIME, December 1946

1947 - figuring to Go Places, Witco Chemical Company December 1946, Felix Schmidt

It's easier to go places, New York Central, December 1946, when your plant is in a central location

It's Florida Time again, December 1946

Test your word knowledge, Levelcoat Printing Paper December 1946 by Kimberley Clark

Has your building this raincoat? Waterfoil December 1946

the 49th State, the Power supplied by Superior Oil and Diesel Engines, December 1946

Rolfs Signature Billfolds, Symbol of Success, December 1946

Wilted at 5o'clock, Smith Corona Typewriter December 1946

Bettered by Basic Engineering, Cutler Hammer Motor Control, December 1946

The new Empire Builder, custom built for pleasant, faster travel, Great Northern Railway, December 1946

I'm a manufacturer in Northern Illinois, Territorial Information Department December 1946

STRIKE! American Mutual, March 1940

The customer is always right at hand - by Long Distance, March 1940 Bell Telephone

Doc.Steelstarp helps American Indistry, march 1940

Saved by Coal, medicines from Bituminous Coal, March 1940

Who said Hot Biscuits? Pneumatic Packaging March 1940

Mr.Thirty Fibre has gotten tough, Scott Paper March 1940

New Freedom for Secretaries, Smith's Typewriters, March 1940 MISS LIBERTY 1940

Can you do this with your steering column gearshift? Chevrolet's First Again, march 1940

Do Goats really eat tin cans? International Salt, March 1940

These folks hardly ever work late after buying a Comptometer, March 1940

Shut the window for a breath of air, York Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, March 1940

The World Came to Call the Night that Willie swiped the Doorbell, Mallory Radio Parts 1940

You were wise enough to buy it, Have you been wise enough to read it? Metropolitan Life March 1940

Moment of Suspense (Gounod's Faust) Gilbert Papers March 1940

Like one white pea in a pod, J.Walter Thompson, March 1940

Moral in a Gold Mine, Young & Rubicam, March 1940

the quality of the furniture at Grand Rapids Furniture Makers, March 1940

Some Women make the Best Cakes, Inland Manufacturing Division March 1940

BAD LUCK? The Maryland Casualty Company March 1940

Diamond T Super-Service Trucks, March 1940

It's all in the day's work for the Mimeograph Duplicator, March 1940

Dextrose Sugar demonstrates its Value in beverages, March 1940

AIM HIGH with advanced plant designs from the Austin Company March 1940

What a way to make a living, tickling dynamite with a stick, Goodrich, January 1940

Leave your inhibitions at the door, Babcock and Wilcox, August 1954

Chris-Craft's new seas skiff fleet, August 1954

Muscles of Oil, flight retriveal from Cleveland Pneumatic, August 1954

It's another FLAKO Success, Pneumatic Packaging and Bottling Equipment August 1954

We like the door's electronic politeness. Otis Autotronic elevators, August 1954

A Giant Brain that's strictly business, IBM August 1954

More jobs through Science, Union Carbide, August 1943