Giving satisfaction through service, Babcock && Wilcox October 1950

You can be sure, if it's Westinghouse, October 1950

Not guilty of wood waste any longer, Celanese Chemicals, October 1950

The Genius Touch of CYMA, October 1950, precision machines

Esterbrook, The Business Gift, October 1950, for every day, for every writer

The Red Target is behind our front, Mosler Safe Company, October 1950

Your tough job may need this tough material, Synthane, October 1950

Old Mother Hubbard, Spencer Chemicals, October 1950

Dollars are a lot like people, Young & Rubicam, October 1950

Sherwin Williams toned down high printing costs, October 1950.. by switching to Consolidated Enamel Papers

India swaps shellac for U.S.Chemicals, National City Bank of New York, October 1950

Good medicine, New York Life Insurance, October 1950

Colorful New World, Union Carbide, October 1950

Blaw Knox, the keystone of modern production, October 1950

He's Comfortable - till fry-day, Trane Air Conditioning, October 1950

U-S Merchandising Review, United Staes Printing and Lithograph Co., October 1950

IMPULSE, to reach for your product created by US Eye-O-Matic Eye Appeal, October 1950, Ylla photograph

St Louis Ol'Man Rivert, an industrial water supply that never runs dry, October 1950, Mercantile Commerce Bank

Only National has all four time-saving features on one machine, National Cash Register, October 1950

They build one of the world's most unusual ranches, Ford Trucks, October 1950

I figure my commutation ticket cost me $5000, Alexander Hamilton Institute October 1950

Result: immediate sales increases, JWT Consumer Panel, October 1950

And this is our Miss Warren, McBee Company October 1950, Richard Dicker (?)

Have you an idea that is looking for a gauge? United States Gauge October 1950

You can best serve the West from Northern California, Pacific Gas and Electric, October 1950

Free Enterprise, The Trailmobile Company, October 1950

Discourteous (and dangerous) driving in 10 easy lessons, United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company, October 1950

Ever think you'd be found in a foundry, Elsie the Cow, Borden's, October 1950

The Engineer, pilot of planning, J.E.Serrine Company, October 1950

Recreation is everybody's business, General Electric, October 1950

Here's How Barrett helps you say "Hello" to anywhere on Earth, October 1950

Wish I could skip the next hour, Ed! Travellers Insurance, October 1949

these Pipelines are Lifelines, Mathieson Chemical Company, October 1949

People invest in the Bell System = The Bell Systen invests in people, october 1948

How would you Saddle the science of mathematics to make more things for more people. ARMA Corporation, Precision Instruments, October 1949

There go 3269 Fasteners, Russell, Burdsall and Ward, Nut and Bolt Company, October 1949

Shoe Companies sell with Movie Ads in Theatres, Movie Advertising Bureau, October 1949

Reading this book saved us thousands of dollars, The National cash register Company, October 1949

When all nations sit down under one roof, The Barrett Division, October 1949, the United Nations

How to win a Lady's heart for keeps, The Udylite Corporation,October 1949, plating for consumer durables

HUNGER NOT HELEN, Spencer Chemicals, October 1949, Eddy Boris

Distinctively beautiful, easy to move, Hauserman Steel Interiors, October 1949

Copra makes the Phillipines big market for U.S. cotton cloth October 1949

Levelcoat Printing Papers, October 1949 Lithofect

New Things in Plastics, with Marvinol vinyl resin, October 1949 Glen Martin Company