Only properly prepared coal offers the Umbrella of Protection, McNally Pittsburg May 1949

Great Industries have Great Stories to tell, RKO Pathe, May 1949

Photography can make this page this small, Eastman Kodak May 1949

we finish our figure work faster, Remingrton Rand Printing Calculator, May 1949

A new idea with a trim look, Goodrich Chemicals and Geon, May 1949

They say it's simply COLOSSAL, Comptometer, May 1949

This new method saves so much construction time, May 1949, H.H.Robertson

Record in Steel, Budd Company May 1949

Worth Looking into, cars upholstered by Chatham, May 1949

Background for Modern Transportation, May 1949 Blaw Knox

Why construction gets better all the time, Union Carbide, May 1949

Gibson sells Home Appliances by Movie Theatre Demonstrations, May 1949

Monsanto and the Firestone Freezer, May 1949

Take your time... when you want it, Edison Dictation, May 1949

You can go places.. and do Business from St.Louis, First National Bank,May 1949, artist OBATA

What did they have that we haven't got? J.Walter Thompson, May 1949

SINCLAIR A Great Name in Oil, Eddie Rickenbacker May 1939

Revolution on a Desk Top, Dictaphone Electronic Dictation, May 1949

Unusual New Du Pont Plastic used in variety of new Products, May 1949

Gal About Town, Buick Roadmaster May 1949

Gerrish Milliken Mill, Daniel Construction, May 1949

all on one trip, Santa Fe Railroad May 1949

Of cousre it's a Lincoln, You can't mistake it! May 1949

Report on television, May 1939 Dumont Televsion

Progress through Chemistry, Davison Corporation, George Giusti May 1949

Presenting a Distinguished Family, Royal Duke Pipes, May 1942

Carrying lots of pressure these days, Bell Telephone May 1942

ACME Visible Records, Vital facts always ready, May 1942

yes 8 out of 10, Bradley Work Fountians, May 1942

Wiill you please pass the influenza? Hagan Corporation and industrial hygiene, May 1942

Velvet Smoothness, Diamond Roller Chains, May 1942

Protection for Defense Production, Pittsburgh Industrial Finishes May 1942

Night Watch USA, Westinghouse Lighting Equipment, May 1942

Selected, Houston Pipe Line Company, May 1942

Dear Tom, from the employees of Heppenstall, May 1942

You Profit when you cooperate with your printer, Gilbert Quality Papers May 1942

SHELL plastics, Greenhouses for the boys 'upstairs' May 1942

THE MISSING MAN... Scot Tissue Towels, May 1942

Bad News for Dive Bombers, Marmon-Herrington, May 1942

Why tell me about it, J.Walter Thompson, May 1942

Sweat Young and Rubicam, May 1942

Canadian Pacific, Banff, May 1942, Keep fit among Mountain peaks

let's look at the other side of the news, Wishnick-Tumpeer May 1942

When the story of the war can be told, EATON May 1942

'Almost' isn't in our language, Dietzgen, May 1942 supplies for engineering and drafting