Us Tareyton Smokers would rather fight than switch, Tareyton at Christmas December 1963

New! Gaines Burgers, the canned dog food without the can, December 1963

Newport smokes fresher, December 1963

A Tradition in Hospitality, Budweiser, December 1963

When a Headache makes you tense, Irritable. control yourself, Anacin December 1963

Announcing the Imperial Nineteen by Frigidaire, December 1963

It's the only was I know to get vegetables into her, Campbell's Soup, December 1963

There's always room for Jello, December 1963

Chart Toppers from the Record Club of the Stars, December 1963

A Christmas Prayer from the New York Life Insurance Company, December 1963

You'll love Walt Disney's magic touch at General Electric's Progressland, April 1964, the New York World's Fair

In one stop, a lot of late models to look over, Chevrolet April 1964

It seems that there was this cow, Schlitz beer April 1964

Whatever car you drive, Forget the hodge podge of conflicting advace... Sunray DX Oil company

Aurora has a snow-white lining, April 1964 toilet paper

Here's a kind of care your belongings get on a Mayflower move, April 1964

The pick of the portables from RCA Victor.. Compare against all others April 1964

Get better perfromance, longer engine life, install the AC oil filter engineered for your car, April 1964

When there's no man around, Goodyear should be, tires, April 1964

How much further can anyone go to test and prove new products? OLIN April 1964, the Winchester rifle

Zebra Test proves Wallhyde Latex with GHP covers better than other wall paints, April1964 Pittsburg Paints

5 things to do when you remodel a bathroom, American Standard April 1964

The wonders of the Hammond Organ, April 1964. Music's most glamorous voice

Flameless Cooking, Edison Institute, April 1964,

This deck has 73 Queens of Diamonds, BULOVA April 1964

You may have already won 4 General Duo 90's, April 1964

The General Electric Mini-Basket, April 1964

Vista-Cruiser by Oldsmobile, April 1964, Destination New York's World Fair

Winter chapped hair ? Summer damaged hair? Clairol Condition April 1964

8 Lord Street USA J.W.Clements Quality printing machinery, September 1958

Your move, Arkansas Industrial development Corporation, September 1958

, a newItalic Styling by GF Studios, September 1958 a new concept of executive environment

Thinking of a new Office? All-Steel Equipment September 1958

neoprone hosepipes from Du Pont, September 1958

thanks to automatic xerography, Haloid Xerox, September 1958

Ingersoll Machine Tools, September 1958, machining parts

Standards of an unexcelled accuracy, a vital inheritance of KIMAX, Owens Illinois, September 1958

Progress in mastering climate and temperature must start with precision controls, White Rodgers, September 1958

Virginia Metal Products, colour that defies Time, September 1958 movable office walls

Most likely to succeed, Pitney-Bowes Postage Meter, November 1958

Who rules the roost in aerial navigation? American Bosch Arma Corporation, September 1958

when the grand gesture is expected of you, Martini Scotch Whiskes, September 1958

Statistical or emotional? Young and Rubicam, September 1958

World's Highest-voltage a-c Power Line, General Electric, September 1958

Engineering for a new age, Ditezgen simulators for submariners, September 1958

You just seem to flaot along on this on this new-type, sound conditioned concrete, says Sam Snead,Portland Cemenet Association, September 1958

New York Brunch - Paris Lunch, Vanadium Corporation, September 1958

Please Mister, how do I get out of these woods? Bell Telephone System, December 1963