Helen of Troy, directed Robert Wise, January 1954

Beneath the surface of an overpowering love, Undercurrent directed Minnelli, October 1946

The Locket, directed John Brahm, Her Monstrous secret wrecked three men's lives, 1946

BMW not one of these endorsements is for speeding, May 2088

At last a truly first class layout, Sleep on it, Saudi Arabian Airlines, May 2008

The first word in decoration, Interiors Magazine May 2008 the last word in taste UK

American Express Gold Card, life's true values, May 2008 UK financial

Alfaskop allows individuality to equate with profitability, May 2008 UK

The Black Country, Forging New Links May 2008 Black Country Development Agency UK

Which chief executive had a sharp new idea? Trafford Park May 1988 UK

Baltimore and Ohio Railway, August 1945 LUMBER the natural resource for War and Peace

Just what is C-O-Two? what does it do for Industry August 1945 Fire Equipment

A gentleman we'll be meeting often, now! Young and Rubicam, August 1945

Laughing at Fumes and Flames and Fury, Galbestos Roof and Sides 1945

Food, Clothing, Shelter and RADIO, Westinghouse Radio Stations, August 1945

Bristol Brass, It always takes a lot of Brass to fight a raging fire, August 1945

Eatonite, New Alloy adds thousands of miles to Valve Life, August 1945, Eaton Manufacturing

Russell Manufacturing, Don't let your brakes slow down our Jap Victory, August 1945 O Soglow

The ABC of Moisture Engineering, Kathabar Humidity Control August 1945

L'Orle Toiletries for Men August 1945

Chain Belt Co of Milwaukee, The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers August 1945

Quenching the great American thirst, REO August 1945

X marks the spot, Multigraph, August 1945 duplicators for postwar offices

Quantity production with Masonite Prestwoods, August 1945, George Giusti

Fred Harvey Restaurants, , So Long Son, August 1945

Walter Kidde and Company, when does a plane need a life preserver, August 1945

all are made by Continental Can August 1945

Airborne commerce Night and Day, August 1945, Braniff Airways

The Link Instrument Trainer, August 1945

Permacel Industrial tapes, why are so many executives reading this book? August 1945

Urac Adhesive helps to beat the band, Cyanamid Adhesives and Resins, August 1945 Sidney Cutlett

How to outsmart rather than out spend, advertising in Redbook Magazine, August 1945

Electronics for competitive selling, Eimac Electron Tubes, August 1945

The Army knows, a comic saves Eisenhower, August 1945, Puck the Comic Weekly, Jiggs and Maggie

Sister Kenny, directded Dudley Nichols, September 1946, Roslind Russell, Alexander Knox, The Wedding Dress that waited....

The Long Night, directed by Anatole Litvak, August 1947, Henry Fonda, Barbara Bel Geddes, Vincent Price

The Los Angeles Story, Jane Russell and Victor Mature, directed Robert Stevenson February 1952

Dead Reckoning, directed John Cromwell with Humphrey Bogart and Lizbeth Scott, February 1947

September Affair, directed William Dieterle with Joseph Cotton and Joan Fontaine February 1954

Golden Earrings, directed Mitchell Leisen, Ray Milland and Marlene Dietrich October 1947, Now that you have tasted Gypsy kisses...