Sweet Way to Go Gay, UK Spangles June 1953 and the Coronation

I'm afraid my husband won't have anything but Whitbread, UK August 1956

Got the film? Got the Spangles? UK August 1956

Got the towels? Got the Spangles? August 1955 UK

Next time I'll bring my knitting, Colgate Dental Cream (bad breath) February 1954 UK

Rich fruity flavours- all Fresh! Spangles February 1954 UK

Got your driving licence? Got your Spangles? April 1956 UK

Got the Brush? Got the Spangles? April 1957 UK confectionery

You remembered! Almond Roca Candy, May 1947 (Mother's day)

fresh orange makes nutrition headlines, Sunkist August 1956

View from an old Boston Window, Old Mr Boston 1944

Stokeley's Finest Tomato Juice, 1942, a Toast to Freedom, working for Uncle Sam

New Super-delicious ways to enjoy Armour's Treet 1949

Gift of the Gay Nineties, Kinsey Blended Whiskeys, 1944

For modern moving and storage call MAYFLOWER says Myrna Loy May 1956

Tired of ordinary vacations? Come to New Mexico 1956

Are you smoking more and enjoying it less? Smoke Camels, June 1959

Win 7 times your weight in silver dollars, Du Pont Auto Polish, June 1959

A Wonderful Remington Shaver, Mr and Mrs John Wayne 1957

Sunbeam Shavemasters shave closer and smoother, March 1951

He'll never guess you shave, Lady Schick, December 1957

Western Electric, Defence Early Warning built ahead of schedule, October 1957

Cooperative Societies everywhere, December 1950, Christmas presents no problems, UK

Offices for Living, Standard Office Furniture 1956

Warmly beautiful walls Movable Hauserman Interiors, February 1956

FRAM keeps 14,000,000 engines clean, January 1951

Easy Spindrier did this in less than an hour, March 1950

This year dress 'em up feet first, Goodrich boots 1961 Halloween

Sound Sleepers wear Munsingwear October 1951

Welcome Sir to the big exciting world, America Fore Loyalty Group, January 1960

More and more leading businesses are turning to Aetna, Seoptember 1967

The New Lasalle $1225

Knoll Associates Office Design June 1961

Knoll Office for Heinz September 1959

Honeywell Climate Control, a satisfied customer October 1961

Our destiny is in our own hands, America Fore Insurance group June 1961

Time to promote him to a private office, Globe Wernicke Partitions October 1956

Each day you drive is a new adventure, Buick Roadmaster July 1954

What's the big attraction? Chase Brass and Copper for Mister Trout 1952

Newport tastes fresher, Newport Menthol Cigarettes August 1965

For a New Dad, an Old Dad, a Grand dad, Old Grand-Dad for Father's Day June 1964

They give you a 'mint' of extra flavor, Old Taylor July 1957

You're sure to 'have a ball' with this thirst quencher, 7 Up, February 1957

Why Miss Anne Gould... prefers Camels, July 1934

New Departure Ball Bearings, Nothing Rolls like a Ball, August 1931