Pink Sands Pale People, Bermuda Trade Development ADA 1936, artist Rudolph Pott

The Lady who left her mask at home, Dorothy Gray Ltd., artist Floyd Davis

photo-montage for Women's Home Companion, ADA 1936

more elbow room to think, Friden Calculators September 1958

Northern States Power Company, boating 6 minutes from the office, September 1958

Weldwood United States Plywood Corporation, beautiful wood panelling, September 1958

Magic in Miami, Westinghouse Elevators, September 1958

Memo from the Boss's butler, Lily China Cote Cups, September 1958

Well, sure it's a stopper. But it doesn't say anything, Campbell Eward Advertising, September 1958

Now in full bloom the whitest white in fine letterhead papers, Plover September 1958

How IBM helps Buick build better cars, September 1958

The Greatest Name in Cigarettes, Rothmans King Size Satisfies March 1964

Chocolate and Spice and Everything Nice, Baker's Chocolate 1940

Every RHEEM furnace is Fire Tested,1954

It stands against a Hurricane... and Oil Plates your engine, August 1947 CONOCO Oil

want to double your production of drawn parts? Clearing Presses, September 1954

Time to Stop Bulbsnatching, General Electric October 1950

Victory Ahead, The Chase National Bank,1942

Two Vs, Sebastian Lathe Company, 1942 Production is our business

Tools of War and Peace, Ingalls Ships, June 1944

Dorothea reforms the Young, Libby's Pineapple Juice, 1936 ADA, artist Edith Lawson Swanson

Revere Bells, Revere Copper and Brass, 1936 ADA, artist Edwin Couse

Are you a Night Blooming Cereus? Hudnut's Shampoo, ADA 1936 artist Major Feltens

When only the Rich could escape, artwork by David Hendrickson, accountancy ADA 1936 McKesson and Robbins

Here's the hot flash from the Pole, McGregor's Golf Balls, ADA 1936, artist Ervine Metzl

Lloyd Sexton's artwork for Hawaiian Pineapple Company, ADA 1936

Men put their trust in Calvert Whiskey, artist Edward Wilson, ADA 1936

Crane and Co. Papers, the ante-bellum letter, artist Edwin Georgi, 1936, ADA

Mike and Mame Look alike! Ethyl Gasoline, ADA 1936, artist Paul Wolf

No uze Mac, it's a FORD V8, artist Howard Scott, ADA 1936

You couldn't stay in business without your printer, Hammermill Papers, May 1954

In the Studebaker for 1953, new BW Power steering, March 1953

Couple of dumbbells do a smart job of pushing, Roots and Dresser, March 1945

Spark Plugs that perfrom like this... Champion Spark Plugs March 1953