You need biscuits to keep you going, UK July 1948, David Langdon

Mars are marvellous, there's a meal in a Mars, UK July 1948Mar

The Bristles won't come out, Harris paint brushes, July 1948

Letters that live, J.M.Barrie, Basildon Bond Writing Paper, UK July 1948

the journet that is necessary, FORD Cars, UK February 1948

That'll teach him to keep his nose out of my Bovril, UK February 1948

mmmmmm Healthguard January 1948 (no satire this) UK

I'm the new canteen assistant. I've brought you a cup of Bovril UK January 1948

Vimaltol, Hey Ho you can't eat the spoon, January 1948 vitamin food

Peek Frean Biscuits, December 1947 Christmas Greetings

Peaceful Nights with Ovaltine December 1947, UK

She travelled to ireland the east way, Aer Lingus, December 1947 UK

Letters that live, Charles Dickens, Basildon Bond Writing paper, December 1947

Nugget Boot Polishm The best in a day's walk, December 1947 UK

Fine sets these Ferguson's, December 1947, radio sets UK

The Bactrian Camel.. perhaps he needs two, Guinness December 1947 UK

Why do they always have fires at elevenses? Bovril 1947 December UK

Evening in Paris, by Bourjois, cosmetics, 1947 UK

Look Kayser Bondor, the first word in Nylons, December 1947 UK

There's a big difference in Freight Cars, Hyatt Bearings, November 1954

a message to the Homeowner, merchant, manufacturer and other Businessmen, America Fore Insurance, 1954

Leading fire truck users rely on Rockwood for protection, November 1954, Sprinkler Company

A million square feet of General Store, Barrett Roofs, the new Northland Shopping Centre 1954

to reach more markets faster,,, Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, 1954

Brown & Root, paces progress in power engineering, November 1954