Glidden helps rubber do everything but bounce, April 1957

Wherever you want to protect something, that's a place for A-L Stainless Steel, April 1957, Alleghany Ludlum

Now every office can have one, pardner, Pitney-Bowes April 1957

outside help with inside knowledge of your industry, Ebasco Business Consultants April 1957

products made by Republic Steel, April 1957, windows and kitchen applinaces

Going our way? Up Up Up, Southern Railway System April 1957

PLASTICS Another Industry where General American works, April 1957

It gives a man a New Outlook, Cadillac April 1957,

Ready, Set, Grow with Revere Aluminium Sheet, April 1957

Spray on Protection and wipe out theb threat of wear and weather April 1957 Exon Resins

Shh! The new Royal electric speaks softly, April 1957

Ready to Wear in 33 minutes, Caprolan by Allied Chemical, April 1957

Continental has the right package for you, April 1957, every packaging service in the book

How many hats do you wear? Occidental Life Insurance of California April 1957

World's fastest woman, Campbell-Ewald Advertising April 1957 (Betty Skelton)

New Sea Titans strengthen industry's lifelines, April 1957 Ther First National City Bank of New York, artist Doug Ellis

A Brand Character devised to sell cement, Trade Association 1956

RUST is a Volcano! TOTRUST Protective Enamel from Wilbur and Williams April 1944

Kollsman Aircraft Instruments, the drift sight April 1944

Why the C1 cargo ship doesn't need a convoy, Consolidated Steel, April 1944

Giving the silver screen a golden voice, Radio Corporation of America, April 1944

Mother, is ADEL a soldier like Dad? ADEL Precision Engineering products April 1944

United Engineers and Constructors, today and after the war April 1944

Where do we go from here? FIBERGLAS and the future of the nation April 1944

The Signal Corps in action, New York Central, April 1944

What if the duck could shoot back? Photography and aerial gunnery CineKodak April 1944

York Refrigeration and air conditioning, April 1944The Refrigerator that comes when called.

Bombardier, from Comptometer April 1944 Robert Riggs

Home Permanents, Permanent Homes and Farm Journal August 1960

Goodrich Gulf Chemicals, Ameripol Rubber plays a secret role for Spalding August 1960

a new image in printing, Wyandotte Chemicals, August 1960

Republic Steel is a Leader in flightweight material, August 1960

Haloid Xerox saves hours of duplicating time for every department August 1960

Hard to believe but it is a mobile home, Rinshed-Mason August 1960

Deep holes probe the earth for buried treasure, Gardner-Denver Drilling August 1960

Better products start with J&L Steel, August 1960 Jones and Laughlin

Now ! Beer packaged in a Billboard, August 1960 Fibreboard for Packaging

What was Singer doing at Curtiss-Wright? Flight simulators for military and commercial aviation August 1960

New Face in the Smith Family, August 1960 Plax Packaging for Cough Concentrate

Armour Chemical Industries, The bedsheet that fights germs, August 1960

Organising shipments with Mid Atlantic Trucking, August 1960

Your business could mushroom too with PLIOFLEX from Good Year Chemicals, August 1960