Only the finest is fine enough for Christmas, Seagrams January 1957

Now, complete relief at any stage of a cold, Bromo Quinine, January 1957

Bayer Aspirin makes you feel better fast, January 1957

I'll have my picture on the box, Wheaties, breakfast of Champions, January 1957

Better than Home Made, Armour Star Beef Stew, January 1957

Don't you wish your city had a slum like this? Pittsburgh, Westinghouse Broadcasting January 1957

Winston is always good company, January 1957

To make the best, begin with the best- then cook with extra care, Campbell's Foods, January 1957

The Civic Reading Club, Building a Brighter future, January 1957

Stomach upset? Hospital Tests prove Pepto-Bismol works, January 1957

If you've been taking aspirin for colds, remember BUFFERIN, January 1957

Make this your LUCKY year, 1957 (January) Lucky Strike Cigarettes

The Advertising Council, here's why you scored so high on the quiz, January 1957

He keeps an electronic brain thinking clearly, Bell Telephones, January 1957

How do you fight a Cold? Listorine Antiseptic, January 1957

Come to where the flavor is, Marlboro cigarettes, Red or Longhorn, August 1969

The Gretest name in Cigarettes, Rothman's King Size, August 1969

Man on the spot in St.Croix, August 1969, Bank of America

KLM suggests you choose a 'steady', August 1969

the Italian way of life is Rome,Venice pizza and Punt e Mes, August 1969

What do both of them have in common, Zeiss Optics, August 1969

Campari, the drink to begin with, August 1969

the range of FIAT products, August 1969, this is not all....

Around the World in 80 seconds, Sony World Zone Radion, August 1969

a hard day's light, Asahi Pentax, August 1969

Another All Star Eleveen, Chesterfield Cigarettes, ADA 937

Maryland Casualty, The Empty Cot, ADA 1937 artist John Scott

Mills Novelty, the Musical Cat, ADA 1937, artist John Averill

Buy two and have enough, Ritz Crackers, ADA 1937, artist Howard Scott

Brown Derby Equals Imported Pilzner, ADA 1937, artist Maurice Mayer

Get Gulflube, it's stripped for action, ADA 1937, artist Robert Gellert

A Lift without a letdoewn, Rainier Boor and Ale, ADA 1937 artist Willard Cox