the whole story in a nutshell, Burroughs, December 1950

Basic Products for Industry, Blaw-Knox, December 1950

Trouble free performance as specified, Cutler Hammer, February 1950

Imagine you're making a wood sandwich, says Elmer the Borden Bull, December 1950

INFLUENCE, who says it? to whom its said... FORTUNE magazine December 1950

Nylon Plastic Buttons streamline Sweater Inventories, December 1950

Gaylord product protection is customer protection, December 1950

Half a Loaf, Spencer Chemival, Eddy Boris, December 1950

Great nnew ships built around you, American Export Lines, December 1950

Fine Cars should be seen and not heard, Nash , December 1951

Let's look at the record, Acme Visible Records, December 1950

What's this fresh, new air in 'Allen's Alley", December 1950

a flick of a switch, Moloney Electric Company, December 1950

From swimming to deck chair sunning, Caribbean Cruises with Grace, April 1957

On the Move in Packaging, Olin Mathieson April 1957

No Sinking Stomach feeling with Westinghouse Elevators, April 1957

The Ingersoll Milling Machine Company, April 1957, artist Addison

Margin for error... Non! Bower Bearings April 1957

Your airborne office is our business, Garrett Corp., April 1957

who's the young giant on the electrical scene? Federal Pacific Electric, April 1957

Light up the life of a double decker commuter, Union Carbide, April 1957

Fuss and Feathers, a still life by Albert Dorne for Johnnie Walker, April 1957

General Electric, making electricity more useful in your home, April 1957

A Bendix Computer adds extra hands to your engineering staff, April 1957

The first dividend is $4,000,000, Dietzgen and the Illinois Toll Highway, von Wollenberg, April 1957

Fast? It's almost frightening, Marchant Calculators April 1957

Offices for living start with Standard Office Furniture, April 1957

"MAN< what comfort and convenience", All-Steel Equipment, April 1957