Reo Truck Leasing, a new concept of low cost delivery and hauling, June 1953

Where's the limit to what you can achieve with Carborundum's man made materials, June 1953

Fighting or loving, he was the Champion, Kirk Douglas, after Ring Lardner 1949 directed Mark Robson

TYCOON, directed by Richard Wallace, November 1947, BIG

Odd Man Out, directed Carol Reed, April 1947 James Mason, This is It! the most exciting motion picture ever made!

The Spiral Road, directed Robert Mulligan, June 1962 Rock Hudson, Gena Rowlands, Burl Ives, The Dedicated the Damned

Not as a Stranger, directed Stanley Kramer, July 1955

Captain Hornblower/ Streetcar Called Desire, August 1951

Airplanes grow, just like people, Lockheed Aircraft UK 1948

The Maps behind the News, Serial Maps, UK 1948

The Promise of Spring, The Metal Box Company, UK 1948

Background to world leadership in a Vast Industry, British Glues and Chemicals, UK 1948, artist Clive Uppton

Crepe Paper Mills, UK 1947, "SYLKO"

Choose Mellotex for fine Book Printing, UK 1947

Remote Indication and Centralised Control, Evershed and Vignoles UK 1947

Bobbins of every description for the Textile Industry, High Duty Alloys 1947 UK

Beauty from Britain, Conlowe Fabrics, UK 1947

Somehting rich and rare, Hoover, UK 1947

World without Life, KODAK film, 1947 UK

Where the tradition is Wool (Russia) International Wood Secretariat UK 1947, Dale Brookshaw

Brockhouse components will play a vital part in Peace UK 947

A Car is as responsive to "hands" as any thoroughbred, UK Sunbeam Talbot 1947

200 million Passenger Train miles of new comfort, ALMIN Light Metal Industries , UK 1947

Melotex Paper Mills, UK 1947

All about Tea, the Tea Centre London UK 1947

Ripples on Bikini, , British Glues and Chemicals Ltd., UK 1947

King Six Cigars, UK 1947 if his taste in liuterature is as sound as his taste in cigars..

Natural Selection, Celanese Textiles, Plastics, Chemicals, UK 1947

She shall have beauty wherever she goes, UK 1947 Eugene Permanent Wave

Face Conficence, with Tryst Listick, UK 1947

Kindest to your Hair, Jamal, UK 1947

The Best Cigarettes in the World, State Express UK 1947

From one ton of Coal. British Gas Council, UK 1947

The Old Roads of England, Dunlop Tyres, UK 1947

Good Mornings begin with Gillette 1947 UK

Minding their P's and Q's, Schweppes Table Ewaters UK 1947

Out of War... For Peace, Glaxo Laboratories 1947 the makers of penicillin

Burlington Cigars UK 1947, leaf of the finest quality

Meet the Pilots, BOAC UK 1947