The Improved New Safety Stutz 1927, artist Edmund Davenport, the ultra low chassis

Even a superficial acquiantance with the Lincoln is sufficient...1926

Kelly Springfield Tires, Where the Country's rough and the Going's tough... 1924

The story of Camoah, Packard Electric Motor Leads 1926, the 5 goblins in the gang, artist Walt Scott

Herbert Tareyton Cigarettes, There's something about them you'll like, 1926

Coast to Coast, Chesterfiled Cigarettes 1926 (artist WDT)

I'll tell the world they satisfy, Chesterfield cigarettes 1921

pretty smooth like Half and Half, 1927, John held Jr.,

Day in and Day out, Fatima Cigarettes 1928

Germany, Land of Travel Comfort 1928

Aristocrats of the Sea, White Star Line, 1928

To Daily Divers, Ivory Soap 1928

And so to bed, Ivory Soap 1928

The Brain of the Robot, Weston Instruments, 1928

Aluminum Company of America, 1928 alloy pistons and rods give a newe fleetness in a get away -m at the flash of the green, Lynite Pistins

Leadership brings you security, National Steel Fabric Company

International Truck triumphs over Sahara's Wastes, 2 explorers in a four wheel truck 1928

What does a woman want in a motor car? Oldsmobile two door sedan 1928

Good Year Tyres, More traction than there's snow, November 1961

Let a box of Alymer's Candy be your Easter Greeting, April 1920

Apperson Brothers Automobile Company, Creative Genius 1920 the eight with eighty less parts

When gusts come in, the Pennant Jar comes out, Planters peanius 1920

Icy Cool Nash starts travel boom, July 1955 air conditioning and the vacation

Drive this full size dollar saver, Dynamic 88 Oldsmobile March 1961

Nixdorf Computers, Dealer's Deal, Nixdorf Delivers 1987

Lotus Sotware UK 1987 How do the people who help yuo run your business run theirs?

Certain breeds have always been more demanding, Digital Equipment Corporation 1987, computer services for Jaguar Cars

The Irish Times, newspaper 1987, Carbon Paper (fainter and fainter) UK

Where there's business in Ireland, there's Bank of Ireland, July 1987

All he needed was the right sort of handling. Moss Man, Masters of the Universe, UK 1987 Price Waterhouse, Accountants

3i's Investors in Industry Since pioneering the art of management... UK 1987

Gateway to the East, British Caledonian Airline, UK 1987 door to door service to Tokyo