Back from the road, Gilbert Quality Papers 1955, the salesman returns by James Bingham

For '51 and the years to come, Hoover Vacuum Cleaners, a husband decides

Pennies for Coffee, Billions in Trade, September 1945, Pan-American Coffee Bureau

EWBANK, the sweeper proved to give you a lifetime of trouble-free service, UK 1954

New babies have two mothers, Revere Copper and Brass, 1941

Will a Cute Little Kitten be the symbol for Industry's next great expansion Area? Chespeake and Ohio Lines January 1941

New Mobil Super DeLuxe Tubeless Tire, All Direction Skid Protection, Socony Mobil c1959

You're close to everything in the Erie Area, November 1949, Erie Railroad

How come so many great advertisers choose Post-Keyes-Gardner? Ask them. July 1966

Sheila's really smart, Phillips Stick a soles and heels , November 1952 UK

Horlicks August 1952, The kenny Brothers, farmers succeed with a night drink UK

Spin the Globe, Socony Vacuum, c1946

Trusthouse Hotels can change your views on business hotels, UK 1988

It is a moment you planned for... Omega Watches as rewards, UK 1988

Friends of the Widow Clicquot, Patricia Hodge UK 1988

Nixdorf. The driving force in integrated manufacturing, computers UK 1988

Alfaskop work stations make your information fit your people, Nokia data, 1988 UK

Our ampule glass is strictly not for the birds, Schott Speciality Glass, 1988

Norsk Data's total solutions: totally user-friendly, June 1988

It's not by chance she's in the black, Scottish Widows Pensions, 1988

If you can managea £multimillion business, we could help you start one, June 1988

The Kodak Color Edge Copier is four times faster than anything else, July 1988 UK