Britain's Heritage, William Shakespeare, and Wills Gold Flake, June 1952 UK

How nice to have constant hot water, UK Hotpoint electric applinaces 1952

GOR-RAY, slacks that fit UK May 1952

Brycreem you hair and know the DOUBLE meaning of clean grooming, UK may 1952 (Dennis Compton Cricketer)

All Over the World, Good Mornings begin with Gillette, shaving UK May 1952

extra bracing, extra trim, Wolsey X Briefs May 1952

Your hair's only as safe as your scalp, Dandruff, Falling Hair, Nutriline June 1952 UK

Whatever the pelasure, Player's complete it, March 1951 UK cigarettes

Correct Dry Hair with Silvikrin, March 1951 UK

Quiz Masters Dream, Shell Petrol UK February 1950

Jet-Plane - Schweppervescence, UK tonic water November 1949

You just can't ignore it, Silvikrin and Hair Food, 1949 UK

For all-night sleep, Ovaltine, the world's best night cap, 1949 November

You could have knocked me down with a soapsud, Nivea Hand Cream UK 1955

The Flying Foxes, dangerous exhaustion among acrobats, Horlicks, 1954

I pity the girl who marries him, Horlicks Night Food, 1953, strip cartoon of failure and success

Experience is the best teacher, Camel Cigarettes endorsed by Pat Hackett, show-jumper October 1947

Now pick your color, dial your warmth, Westinghouse Bed Coverings, 1960

Output up, Costs Down, Chrysler Industrial Torque Converter, 1954

There was fire in her eye, Liberty Mutual and the angry woman motorist November 1946

No matter what you put in them, International Trucks, February 1960

Your breath will never put you behind the 8 Ball, Life Savers 1958

The proof of the pudding, Engineers George S May's new clients, 1939

The case for a pipe, Wills Cut Golden Bar, June 1951 UK legal success

Player's Please UK cigarettes June 1951

Phillips Gold Cut Pipe Tobacco, October 1951 UK

Artist's Advance starts with pipe, 1951

Sanderson Wallpapers and Fabrics, UK 1951

each chocolate is gaily wrapped, Cadbury's Roses at the Skating rink October 1951 UK

The choice of a Lifetime, Players Tobacco October 1951 UK

Rides that go round the world, Austin UK cars October 1951

Will this give you a pain? Two Rennies will relieve it, UK 1951

Lords of the Air, KLG Spark Plugs, UK October 1944

Guard your teeth night and morning, Phillips Dental Magnesia, UK 1944

Owing to troop movements NAAFI in one month .... October 1944 UK

Learn a new language by Linguaphone, October 1944 UK

Windak Electro-Thermal Clothing, UK 1944 Granny's idea for Bomber Crews,

Dogmatic. Lewin Mathes Pipes and Tubing, artist Steinberg July 1957

Some new things have been added to Southern California, 1952

Why read the recipe? DOLE Fruit Cocktail 1953