KLG Spark Plugs, South Africans don't just ask for plugs, April 1948 UK

Have a Capstan, UK cigarettes April 1948

In Cairo they're saying, I'm going to have a Morris,April 1948 UK

Make Mine Myers (Rum) July 1947 UK

On the continent they're saying, I'm going to have a Morris, July 1948 UK

Great Argument, Murphy Radios, UK July 1947

ATKO Mowers by Pugh's of Birmingham, UK July 1947

Bright Outlook, Simpson of Piccadilly, 1947 UK

Schweppervescence lasts the whole drink through, Schweppes 1947 UK

Fouten or Four bore, Traditional or superbly ornate, Holland and Holland Gunsmiths 1987 UK

If it were a car it would cost £45,000 BMW motor bike 1987

There is more paint on the car than on the house, NISSAN cars 1987

Introducing Five Wheel Drive, Saginaw Tilt Wheel Steering UK 1987

The magic of Nixdorf COMET software 1986 UK

Silk Cut cigarettes, with sticking plaster 1996 UK

Benson and hedges Special Filter, gold tap, single page version 1986 UK